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MakeHuman 1.1.1 released!


MakeHuman 1.1.1 is now available in download section!

MakeHuman 1.1.0 released!


The stable release of MakeHuman 1.1.0 is now available in the download section!

MakeHuman Team

Jonas Hauquier

Software developer, entrepreneur and consultant living in Belgium, with an interest in everything 3D. I love experimenting with 3D rendering engines and 3D modeling technology and I'm also interested in everything open, I support opensource and creative commons licenses wherever possible.


Joel Palmius

PhD of Computer and Systems Science, BSc Psychology, CEO of Contuitus Net Research AB. Manages nightly builds and the makehuman web server infrastructure.


Thomas Larsson

Thomas Larsson received his MSc in engineering physics and his PhD in theoretical physics, both from KTH Stockholm. He has worked as a programmer and with academic research, and is currently involved in the development of electrical servo motors. In his free time he enjoys programming for MakeHuman and being with his family.


Arvind Pinto

3d enthusiast for the past 6 years. Contributing to makehuman development in varying capacities as a tester, documenter and OpenSuse maintainer.


Rob Baer

Rob Baer is a physiology professor and amateur software developer who is enthusiastic about open source communities. He discovered MakeHuman while pursuing an interest in 3D animation and graphics. MakeHuman immediately sparked his interest, and he has been helping the team with regression testing and other tasks, ever since.


Francois Grobbelaar

OSX maintainer


Past contributors

Alexis Mignon

Paolo Colombo

Eduardo Morais

Greg M. Johnson

Hans Peter Dusel

Igor Kekeljevic

Marc Flerackers

Oggy Ognjen Lanistanin

Derek Walsh

Lyndon Daniels

Abhishek Gupta

Alfred Chingel

Andrè Richard

Andrew Kator


Craig Smith

Enrico Valenza

Waldemar Perez Jr.

Antonella Cascitelli

Fernando Luceri

Gianluca Miragoli

Giovanni Forte

Giovanni Lanza

Jeremiah Spoon

Jorge Rocha

Kaushik Pal

Laura Sclavi

Michael Schardt

Michele Alletto

Olivier Saraja

Paolo Mezzaro

Roberto Olivetti

Rumen Belev

Tiziana (TiZeta)

Tom Musgrove

Vincenzo Lazzi

Richard Fairhurst

Robert Juten

Alessandro Proglio

Andreas Volz

Benjamin Lau

Chris Bartlett

David Laurent

Emanuele Di Mattia

Filippo Di Natale

Glynn Clements

Letizia Beriozza

Marco Fratarcangeli

Mario Latronico

Michael Bunk

Pedro Alcaide

Simone Re

Manuel Bastioni