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MakeHuman 1.1.1 released!


MakeHuman 1.1.1 is now available in download section!

MakeHuman 1.1.0 released!


The stable release of MakeHuman 1.1.0 is now available in the download section!

Download nightly build

A nightly build is a build that reflects the current state of the source code. Each night a script runs and creates an executable including the latest changes.

All nightly builds can be found at

For each platform there are two nightly builds being made: unstable and stable. The unstable build contains all the latest development changes and is thus "bleeding edge". This can be expected to be broken occasionally. The stable nightly build contains reviewed and tested commits. This build is essentially the latest stable release plus fixes and minor updates. This can be expected to work at least as well as the last stable release. It does not contain any major feature additions.

The unstable nightly build is what eventually become a "minor" release, for example 1.1.0, 1.2.0 etc. The stable nightly build is what will become a "patch" release, for example 1.0.1, 1.0.2 etc.

This is a great way to preview the latest improvements we're making and to test fixes to bugs that have been checked-in between releases.

If you're downloading a nightly please don't expect things to work 100%. We make them available to you so you can try things out and report any bugs that you find. This process helps us ensure our final releases are the best they can be.

People wishing to tightly follow the MakeHuman development are still encouraged to use Mercurial rather than repeatedly downloading the 100+ MB large nightly build.



Look for the "*" files. These contain all dependencies necessary to run MakeHuman.

Simply download, unzip and double-click the makehuman.exe file.


The DEB files have been made on and for Debian. It is not unlikely that older distributions will be unable to fulfill the dependencies.

IMPORTANT: Ubuntu software center may choke on this deb because it insists on running "lintian" on unofficial packages, without any visible user feedback. If it seems to hang, just wait it out for a minute or two. Otherwise install with "sudo dpkg -i makehuman-XXXX.deb" RPM for RedHat derivates (currently not being built)

The RPM files have been built on and for Fedora. They may or may not work on other RedHat derivates. They will not work on RHEL and CentOS 6.4 or earlier, since python 2.7 is a hard dependency, and RHEL/CentOS are too old to be able to fulfill this.

These RPMs will most likely not work on non-redhat RPM-based distros, such as Mageia. While the RPM in theory might work, Mageia has renamed pretty much every package available and does not share the basic package management infrastructure. Thus dependency resolution will fail and file paths may be incorrect.


DMG files are suitable for most modern OSX (10.6 or any later version)