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Bugs, problems and feature requests • Re: Saving expressions

Updated by joepal

2015-07-05 14:28:23


Bugs, problems and feature requests • Saving expressions

Updated by Déesse

2015-07-05 12:14:03


Monthly contest • July Contest Entry - Masters of the universe - to rule

Updated by Geirdal

2015-07-05 11:12:56


Newbies • Re: I Newbie

Updated by CrazyGP

2015-07-05 10:13:50


Bugs, problems and feature requests • Re: Blender Render VS Cycles Render...eyes don't render

Updated by joepal

2015-07-05 08:59:05


Bugs, problems and feature requests • Re: Fixed Rig in MBuilder

Updated by joepal

2015-07-05 08:52:46


Current version 1.0.2

The official stable release. Available for Windows, OSX, Linux.

Note for windows users: Having python installed on the system in some cases can crash MakeHuman. See this FAQ item.

Download makehuman stable

Nightly Builds

A nightly build is a build that reflects the current state of the source code. Each night a script runs and creates an executable including the latest changes. This is a great way to preview the latest improvements we're making and to test fixes to bugs that have been checked-in between releases. If you're downloading a nightly please don't expect things to work 100%. We make them available to you so you can try things out and report any bugs that you find. This process helps us ensure our final releases are the best they can be.

Python source

The source code of MakeHuman is freely available on BitBucket. Download a zip archive with the latest python source code from our BitBucket repository here.

Blender tools

The Blender tools (vers. 1.0.2), to import MakeHuman models in Blender 2.7x or to create new MakeHuman assets with Blender 2.7x.


MakeTarget™ standalone, is a development tool to create morph targets libraries for MakeHuman. MakeTarget is available for Windows and Linux.