MHX for Blender 2.6x

The MHX (MakeHuman eXchange) format is a custom format defined by MakeHuman to enable advanced export to Blender. Conceptually an mhx file is halfway between a Collada file and a binary .blend file. MHX is an ascii format like Collada, but it is Blender specific like a .blend file. The exported mhx file can be imported with a custom MHX importer which is bundled with Blender, but is also distributed with MakeHuman.

Blender is being developed in at a rapid pace, and different versions are not always compatible. This affects the MHX pipeline, because the MHX format depends on Blender's python API by design. Changes in the API can stop older mhx files from working. It is therefore important to use compatible versions of MakeHuman and Blender.

MakeHuman alpha 7 is compatible with the offcial Blender 2.64 release from, and it should also be compatible with more recent Blender builds from Earlier versions of Blender are incompatible with mhx files exported from MakeHuman alpha 7.The pictures in this documentation were created with Blender 2.64.

  1. Preparations
  2. Import MHX
  3. Visibility
  4. FK/IK Switch Panel
  5. The MHX rig
  6. Cage and Meshdeform
  7. Facial shapes
  8. Lipsync
  9. Expressions
  10. Rigify




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