Make Clothes

This document explains how to use the MakeClothes script with a general overview and a number of exercises:

  1. Preparations. How to copy MakeClothes to Blender's add-ons folder.
  2. The Make Clothes panel: an overview.
  3.  T-shirt. This section describes the basic workflow in MakeClothes: model clothing, create mhclo and obj files, projecting UVs and making masks.
  4. Skirt. How to import a character with maketarget and use the helper mesh to get a starting point. Also discusses bump and displacement maps.
  5. Boots. The main novelty with high heels is that the character is not in her rest pose, but stands on her toes.
  6. Proxy meshes. With some manual modifications, the MakeClothes tool can also be used to create proxy meshes. The main difficulty here is that the automatic vertex group assignment is not goodenough.
  7. Hair. Polygon hair is also a kind of clothing.



The hat inversion problem

Hi Thomas,
I would like to create a simple hat cloth and already went through all the Blender makecloth script process.
The problem is, the hat (cylinder for starters) always shows up inverted or with wrong nomals in MH (see picture).

Uploaded with
It is not necessary to actually solve the problem, if somebody had a hat cloth of any kind that I could use that would
be just as fine.
Thank you and kind Regards,


Hi Thomas, I have one problem I'm facing. I think I remember that there's the diversuit in one of the clothing selection but it's not there anymore. What happened to it?