MakeHuman 1.0.1 is ready!!

The MakeHuman 1.0.1 release is proudly brought to you by a team of dedicated artists, developers, writers, researchers through the support of an ever-expanding global community.

Download it from HERE.

The following are the notable changes:



MakeHuman interface is now available in 14 languages:
       - Chinese
       - Czech
       - Dutch
       - French
       - German
       - Hungarian
       - Japanese
       - Polish
       - Romanian
       - Russian
       - Spanish
       - Turkish
       - Swedish
       - Estonian



- Refactored modifiers and modeling plugin to improve loading of modifiers and their sliders from data definition files.
- Ethnic modifiers were revised to move computational logic for normalizing race to the modifiers and human.
- Improved the Normalization algorithm to provide more expected behaviour (setting a slider at 0 keeps it at 0)
- Improved the behaviour when dragging a race slider to the left. (Issue #180).



- Exported characters now support subdivision surface smoothing.
- Face hiding is fully working with all exporters. MakeHuman exports optimized realtime-ready meshes by removing polygons hidden under clothes from the exported result.
- Add progress indicator during MHM saving
- MHX exporter: New and consistent naming scheme for exported objects.
- Fix exporting normals for OBJ files
- Ogre now exports all textures with materials
- Massive performance improvement in Ogre3D exporter
- Improve progress monitoring during MD5 export
- Better material approximation by makeclothes.


- The "remember window size" option now also remembers maximized state
- Multiple fixes to streamline save/export operations:
        - A popup window to avoid the overwriting of an existing file
        - Add status notice when the user saves/exports without entering a new file name
        - Directly save on ctrl-s quicksave, without changing tabs
        - Support unicode in MHM loading and saving
- Allow mouse picking clothes, making mesh pickable with face hiding too.
- MHX importer cleanup: Removed undocumented and essentially unused visibility panel. MHX panels invisible for a the rigify rig.


- Fixed an issue with race slider by resetting slider and disabling Normalization when loading from MHM (issue #206)
- Fixed the translations that corrupted the User Interface
- Fixed the Scale error with Collada export of skeletons
- Fixed a new bug in fbx deformer exporter
- Fixed Proxy loading from binary NPZ files that failed when exact and triangulated fitting were mixed
- Fixed a crash in binary .stl export although there are still some problems with exported mesh when clothes are present.
- Fixed window position and size updating when the window was closed in a non-normal window state
- Fixed the "Exception" when opening an .mhm model with alternative hair material
- Fixed  the Export of proxymeshs
- Fixed improper display of human as "xray material" to "regular material" whenr closing skeleton chooser.
- Fixed X-ray material to also look more reasonable in "noshader" mode
- Corrected many anatomical innaccuacies.
        - Fixed the positioning of the teeth to be more anatomically correct within mouth.
        - Fixed a modelling error in fat people.
        - Fixed for tongue rest position (issue #201)
        - Fixed a modelling error in female feet (issue #255)
        - Fixed improper orientation of female feet
        - Fixed for issue #366 about old age muscled characters
        - Fixed for issue #275 about the neck angle in old age characters
        - Fixed eye targets
        - Fixed Joints alignement errors
        - Fixed a modelling error in fat people.
        - Fixed for tongue rest position (issue #201)
        - Fixed a modelling error in female feet (issue #255)
        - Fixed issue #183 related to legs and feet modelling
- Fixed some errors in measure targets
- Fix symmetry in a macro target
- Fixed mhx importer to eliminate unused legacy code.
- Fixed bug in .mhx importer wherin mask modifier used the wrong vertex groups.
- Fixed several issues with MakeHuman Tools
        - Fix for asymmetric T-pose in MakeWalk.
        - Fixed the helpers position (issue #329)
- Ogre exporter texture fixes
        - Prevented material textures from causing unwanted texture blending during fixed function shading
        - Fixed export of specular values in with Ogre materials.
        - Fixed other miscellaneous Ogre export issues (Issue #295)
- Fixed a number of items related to consistent smoothing
        - Changed code to Reset smooth state before loading to solve smoothing events that slowed code before(issue #102)
        - reset smooth status when pressing reset.
        - provided for saving and loading smooth state from/to MHM.
- Fixed GUI wireframe display switching when proxies are attached
- Improved detection for SVG support in Qt
- Apply fix proposed by Mardok45 on the forums


- When using the windows version, sometimes the application silently fails to start when double-clicking the exe. This is especially true if there is a python version installed on the system previously. If you have python installed, you can choose between a) running makehuman from a bitbucket source clone instead (preferred) or b) uninstall your local python variation. If you do not have python installed and MakeHuman still silently fails to open, please see the FAQ on the home page for how to report this as a bug. (issue #403)
- We are aware that there are variations in languages. Indeed, we even have translations for language variations available on Transifex. We did not manage to utilize all this work for this release. This is not intended as a slight targeted at those languages, we will continue to improve our multilanguage support in future versions. (issue #372)
- There is no RPM build finished yet. We still have to port the RPM build routines to the new Jenkins based build management.