An introduction to MakeTarget

If you are interested in adding body modifications of your own - everything from fantasy modifications such as devil horns to biologically accurate modifications such as facial features - MakeTarget it the tools you should use.

This tutorial video gives you a quick introduction to what a target is, and how to produce and install one in MakeHuman.

April fool's jokes through the years

By now most people will (we hope) have realized that yesterday's news about the Oculus Rift support was an april fool's joke. Although, this year maybe the joke was somewhat too realistic (it's not that impossible that the feature could be added, although the part about the zombies with chainsaws will most likely not happen). 

Through the years, we have spent some effort thinking up new interesting features to present on April 1st.

MakeHuman merges with Rovio

In 2014, we announced a strategic partnership with Rovio for producing the Angry Humans application.


In 2013 we announced the first alpha release of MakeCow.

MakeHuman to be rewritten using .NET and other jokes

Earlier we've announced everything from a total rewrite using .NET to a takedown notice from Europol over the use of nude models. Although the actual announcement posts have been lost in the mists of time. 

Particularly the .NET announcement has kept haunting us though. Every once in a while someone asks what happened to the .NET version, despite many years having passed since the post.



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