MakeHuman and the Egyptian mummy in Latvia

The well-known 3D designer and forensic artist Cicero Moraes has used MakeHuman for the reconstruction  of an egyptian mummy belonging to the Art Museum Riga Bourse collection. 

Parus studio has then integrated  the "resurrected" mummy in an interactive  simulation using the technology of stereoscopic animation with Kinect. 

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MakeHuman and R3DS: a perfect synergy

In the previous post we announced the inclusion of some new high quality clothes created directly from 3d scans. This is just the starting point of many improvements in quality and realism that we will add in future MakeHuman releases.

An important role in this advancement is played by the fantastic tools developed by R3DS ( ): Wrap and WrapX. In particular WrapX can be defined revolutionary: a very powerful wrapping tool completely customizable using python API.

The video below show WrapX at work:

WrapX 1.0 from Neo307 on Vimeo.


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