Experimental oculus rift support

Tech oriented people will most likely already know what Oculust Rift is. Now MakeHuman has got basic support for modeling in VR mode.

In practice, switching to Oculus mode means most of the UI will be hidden, and a floating modeling toolbox will be placed in the 3d space. A second camera will be placed with an appropriate horizontal shift so that a binocular perspective can be created. Finally, MH will set the screen resolution to 1920x1080 and enter full screen mode. 

Zooming and rotating is done by navigating in a classic FPS fashion (using WASD keys), so basically you "walk around" or "walk closer" to the model. Applying targets is done with the "fire" button (left ctrl).

In order to enchance the realism in the modeling situation, the model will squeak a bit when you prod it. And if you modify too many sliders, it will turn into a zombie and attack you with a chain saw.

The Oculus mode works surprisingly well, although the normal problems with oculus obviously applies (such as the screen door effect and motion sickness).

In order to test the Oculus mode, just plug in the Oculus rift as normal. Inside MH, switch between the modes using the 0 key on the numpad.

MakeHuman Nightly Builds for OSX are back.

We are glad to announce that we solved all the technical problems and we restored the OSX nigthly build service.

A nightly build is a build that reflects the current state of the source code. Each night a script runs and creates an executable including the latest changes. This is a great way to preview the latest improvements we're making and to test fixes to bugs that have been checked-in between releases.


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