MakeHuman 1.0.2 is ready!!

Dear friends, MakeHuman 1.0.2 has finally arrived! Many weeks of testing and fixing issues, have gone into this new more stable version in the MakeHuman 1.0 series.

Windows (zip package):

Linux (deb package): makehuman-1.0.2-all.deb

Mac OS X (dmg file): makehuman-1.0.2-osx.dmg

Python source (zip package): source snapshot from bitbucket

Some of the fixes  are listed below:

Downloads down

EDIT: should be up now.

It seems Tuxfamily are having hardware problems, which means all our binaries are unreachable.

As a background, we have a huge network load caused by downloads (after 1.0.0 was released, the load was 1.8 terabyte the first night). Because of this we've had to outsource the hosting of large binaries to a third part, in this case Tuxfamily.

At this point we have no more information about when things will be available again.

Planned downtime


The site and related services will be down during the afternoon on saturday (european time) for migration to a new server.

I practise, the virtualization infrastructure at Data Collection AB will be upgraded. Data Collection is the company which sponsors the MakeHuman project by hosting all the internal services.


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