Server migration

During tuesday (i.e tomorrow) we will start migrating all MakeHuman services to a new server. This might cause some interruptions.

The background is that we have run the web site, the forums and the bug tracker on a server which has started to misbehave. Since the installation is rather old and has grown somewhat gothic over the years, we are also taking this opportunity to reinstall from scratch and set up the services in a more logical fashion. 

Upside is that we'll get an up-to-date installation on a more powerful machine, which will give us more freedom to expand. Downside is that we can expect a few glitches during the transition from the old server to the new one.

We obviously hope normal users won't notice the transition at all, but it might be best to warn in advance.


Working on the new rigging system.

We are in the process of making the universal rig for MakeHuman which must work for all characters, and be exportable to all external engines.

In order to be more generic, the universal rig will not contain any program specific features available in 3D modelling suites such as as blendshapes, constrains, drivers, translation of bones, softbodies, etc.

The rig will be heavily optimised, and easy to use, as only rotations and classic weighting will be used in designing it.

Constrains/drivers will be added later, depending the export target.

Some benchmarks are shown below.


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