MakeHuman featured in e-book on computer-aided facial reconstruction

MakeHuman is an intuitive software and can be adapted to many different fields of expertise. This is evidenced by its use in forensic facial reconstruction.

3D designer Cicero Moraes and Forensic Dentist Dr. Paul Miamoto are pre-releasing an e-book that covers computer-aided facial reconstruction with free software step by step. In this free e-book MakeHuman makes a valuable contribution.

The initial chapters present the basics of 3D modeling in Blender, followed by converting photos into digital skull replicas. How to sketch the profile from the skull is the next topic. According to the authors one of the most critical parts of the process is the modeling of the face, which can be done more easily with MakeHuman.

"We had great difficulty in teaching how to model a face from scratch, but fortunately we came across MakeHuman, which allows professionals from various backgrounds, such as design or healthcare, to set a face of an individual of any age and ancestry, it is a mesmerizing software! "says Moraes.

The model set in MakeHuman is later exported to Blender, where the reader will practice on a preset Blender scene provided with the e-book. "We've simplified the most of the process, creating an environment with adequate lighting and materials needed for the facial approximation to have a realistic aspect. MakeHuman helped us make it feasible to a broader public, like health professionals, which in most of the cases do not have formal training in 3D modeling software" says Dr. Miamoto.

The e-book will be released in Portuguese, the native language of the authors, but versions in Spanish and English are already being developed. For now the e-book is in pre-release and those interested can register to receive a copy via e-mail in PDF format once it is finalized.

The registration website has a brief description and a short video about the work. If you are interested, access

MakeHuman featured on!

MakeHuman featured on the online magazine about game industry

" Manuel Bastioni, Joel Palmius and Jonas Hauquier told about the features of MakeHuman and the future updates of this development tool. If you’re looking for a free and reliable 3D-modelling tool, you’re in luck. MakeHuman is a perfect fit for developers looking to cut the costs down without compromising on the features list."

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New rigging library!

Today we completed one of the most important features that will be included in MakeHuman 1.1: The new library of rigging, that provides skeletons for easy retargeting with the main 3d engines and animation tools: Unity, Motion Builder, Unreal Engine, etc.
As usual, it is available (starting from tomorrow) as UNSTABLE nightly build.


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